There are several alternatives to fill the resulting gap. According to the position of the mouth and teeth; implant, bridge, removable prosthesis and etc. interventions can be done.

The main cause of halitosis is the problems in the teeth and gums. Obsolete coatings, caries, gingival diseases are problems that cause bad breath. Treatment is possible.

Zirconium is a tooth-colored substance used in place of the metal in the substructure of porcelain. Because it does not make the gray reflection of the metal, it gives the coated teeth a more aesthetic and natural appearance. The change in gingival color at the junction of gingiva and coating is less common in zirconium coatings. In some people, allergic reactions to metal-containing substances are not observed in zirconium coatings.

When the baby is 6-8 months old ( when the first teeth appear in the mouth), the cleaning process should begin. After breakfast and before bedtime, it is best to wipe and clean the teeth (at least the chewing surfaces) by wetting a clean cheesecloth or gauze. Toothbrushes should be used after the removal of the child’s rear teeth (mean 2.5-3 years). It is very difficult to have a technique for brushing teeth in preschool children. What is important at this age is to give the child the habit of brushing teeth. When children brush their teeth, they often brush their visible or easily accessible faces. However, in order to prevent caries, it is necessary to clean the surfaces and chewing surfaces of the teeth much better. Therefore, the control of parents after tooth brushing is important.

If comprehensive treatment is needed to eliminate existing aesthetic problems, necessary consultations are made with periodontists and orthodontists. A new smile is designed in accordance with the face and lip structure in line with the patient’s expectations. The smile, which is designed through oral measurements and models created in the laboratory, is shown to the patient. In this way, the patient can see the initial condition of the people who have experienced similar problems and the results obtained after the treatment.

Clenching or creaking may cause more force to be applied to the supporting tissues around your teeth and cause periodontal tissue destruction or exacerbation of existing destruction. The factors that play a role in the etiology of the treatment (factors causing) are evaluated, if necessary consult a medical doctor and preventive treatment is applied (occlusal adjustment, plaque preparation, periodontal splint etc.)

It is the case that the lower anterior teeth are less affected and the other teeth are commonly affected after drinking milk with honey, molasses or sugar added in order to make the baby easier to sleep at night. Since the saliva secretion decreases at night, the bacteria that cause tooth decay break up the sugar contained in the milk all night and increase the production of lactic acid, thus developing a very suitable environment for caries development. If you cannot provide this, you should drink water after drinking milk and wipe teeth with gauze.

Hormonal and physiological changes during pregnancy are closely related to oral and dental health. Therefore, an oral examination by your dentist will be very useful, especially before pregnancy planning. At this stage, your dentist will improve your oral hygiene to an ideal level and will help prevent any oral and dental problems you may encounter in the future. If you have not passed such a check for any reason, the most appropriate period for your dental treatment is between 13 and 20 weeks. However, if you have an emergency oral or dental problem all necessary emergency interventions, regardless of the period of pregnancy, can be done unless there is medical harm. In case of a medical drawback, the necessary interventions can be made accorWhat is root canal treatment?

If the caries come to the nerves, filling is not enough. However the nerves at the root of the tooth should be removed and these canals should be filled.

Toothstones are structures formed by hardening of the plaque of bacteria that accumulate in areas where tooth cleaning is not performed well. Dental stones do not directly damage the teeth or gums, but they cause plaque buildup so they threaten the teeth and gums. Therefore, they must be cleaned. There is no harm to clean dental calculus and it is definitely a procedure that needs to be done for gum health.

Wisdom teeth are usually pulled because the tooth cannot find enough space on the jawbone, it may be left in the wrong position or it will not be able to drive at all. In some cases, the tooth is partially driven, stuck due to space constraints and cannot last any longer. In this case, tooth extraction is required. Otherwise, local infection foci occur around the tooth, causing severe pain and inability to open the mouth. It is not necessary to extract the wisdom teeth properly positioned, which does not create any problems.

Amalgam is a very successful and economical filling material in terms of physical resistance and sealing which has been used for a long time in dentistry. Amalgam contains several types of metals (mostly silver) and sufficient mercury. Although there is often speculation about amalgam that is harmful to health, scientific studies reveal that amalgam is safe for health.